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    7 ASME Vessels successfully started to a chemical plantPakistan

    返回列表 點擊瀏覽: 發布日期: 2022-12-02

    October is the season of harvest, and Strength Equipments also benefit the joy of harvest. 2022.10.8 The Pakistani Belt and Road Initiated Project ASME pressure vessel in the Pakistani Belt and Road Initiative of Pakistan

    The manufacturing is successfully completed, and the Tianjin Port is successfully shipped. The container will recently take the wind and waves, set sail, and move towards the destination.

    Thanks to the East Winds brought by the country's Belt and Road policy and the strong production needs of Pakistan's domestic market chemicals, a chemical plant in Pakistan urgently needs to replace a batch of container projects to meet the increasingly increasing chemical production production

    Matching capacity needs.

    The project department of a chemical plant in Pakistan found our company through government channels, hoping that our company can provide the pressure vessel needed for this updated device. Thanks to the good cooperative relationship established by our company's previous world -renowned companies such as France, National Petroleum Corporation, and Fuzai, the United States, the two parties soon reached an agreement on the technical agreement.

    After communication between the two parties, the pressure vessel renewal project equipment manufacturing process will be inspected by ASME Labors.

    The main technical parameters of this pressure vessel project are as follows:

    Design standard: Asme Sec. VIII DIV 1 ED2021,

    Design pressure: 0.46MPa,

    Design temperature: 134 degrees,

    Main equipment size:




    Dn: 600*1200mm

    Dn: 1000*2000mm



    ASME pressure vessel

    ASME pressure vessel

    After 3 months of tension and orderly production, 7 ASME vessel projects are successfully completed. After the inspection of Lau Piece, the various data were fully reached and exceeded the requirements of the owner, and the pressure vessel was perfectly offline.

    At the foot of Taishan, the famous Chinese and foreign Taishan, Tai'an Strength Equipments Co., Ltd. is a larger domestic equipment manufacturing enterprise with pressure vessels as the leading product. It is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and installation of high -pressure pressure vessel products.

    The company has always adhered to the development policy of "improving quality to survive, promoting development with technological progress, gaining reputation with service quality, and strengthening management and increasing efficiency". High -quality products and services.

    ASME pressure vessel

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